Gretna Retreat 2017 Recap

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Gretna Retreat 2017 Recap

Great news!  Another year has gone off without a hitch at the Gretna Retreat held at the Gretna 4 H Camp!  A Big “Thank You” goes to John and Mary who have been instrumental in keeping this tradition going, and to everyone who made the show a success.

One highlight of the weekend was the beautiful weather, no snow, no ice, and temperatures did not drop to the teens or lower this year!   With that kind of weather, it reminded me that spring is coming.   This year as with years in the past, we had carvers form several states join us. We had a gathering of woodcarvers of all levels of expertise, for learning, carving, camaraderie and relaxation.  Carvers at all levels of experience can find classes to meet their needs at our Gretna Retreat.

As I worked on my project and visited with friends that I only get to see once a year at Gretna, it came to mind that if you have not been able to attend one of our retreats, you are really missing out on a wonderful weekend.  We even had our very own concerts performed each evening by our class of dulcimer makers this year.  That is right, one of the classed taught this year was how to make a dulcimer, the class even included lessons on how to play!  Another big draw this year was evening domino games.   Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves this weekend, and to top it off, the classes are not expensive.  The food tastes great and there is always plenty of it.  Carvers bring an assortment of snacks for everyone to share, so there is always something for every taste out there (for those of us who need a little something between meals)!  The cabins that are available to stay in, for those traveling a distance or who like us, like to stay where the action is are the typical bunk style cabins.  I must say however, they are very comfortable.  You just need to bring your sleeping bag, towels and your own toiletries.  I took some pictures to show you what goes on at Gretna, hope you enjoy them.

My parting words are, “If you have never been able to make it to the Gretna Retreat, make next year the year!”  It is an awesome time with interesting people and amazing instructors, a perfect “get-a-way” in the middle of winter in Nebraska!


2017 Gretna Wood Carvers Retreat Pictures

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Gretna 2017 Retreat Thank You!!

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Thank you to all who attended the Gretna Woodcarvers Retreat this year and all the instructors  –  still praising God there was no ice to contend with.  We were blessed with 12 new students this year who have not been there since I’ve been coming (7 years).  So our numbers should be up next year.
Next year’s dates are FEBRUARY 8, 9, 10, 11 2018 for the classes.  Wednesday night (7th) will also be available for the travelers who wish to come in the day before.
Watch the web site for (www.gretnawoodcarversretreat.com)  for further notices.

2017 Gretna Retreat this week!

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This retreat will sure be different.  Currently they are forecasting temperatures in the 50’s for Gretna on Fri & Sat. Praising God for this good news.  Shouldn’t be any ice this year in our area.  Whooppee.
Going though some things a couple weeks ago I found a picture of the group of carvers in 2006 at Gretna.  I’m hoping we can get Bryan (our webmaster) to take one for us this year.
For you musicians –  we will have a jam session on Friday night.  Ken Jierle and Bryan Moody bring your guitars.  You can teach us a thing or two also.  Anyone else play guitar or a dulcimer?  Our dulcimer music is all in the Key of D.  You’re smarter than our Prairie Dulcimer Players group are and can convert to our key. We might get to listen to some of you playing some other songs that you want us to hear.  I know Gregg entertained us a lot 2 years ago.  And Charlie Kemp had his uke then.  This year he made a dulcimer in John’s class at Doane Experience in July.  This week he is doing another one, only a 6 stringer this time.
Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!


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Will be seeing you in 2 weeks at Gretna Woodcarvers Retreat.  We have several new comers this year whom I’ve not met since I’ve been coming now – 7 years.  It is always fun to meet new carvers  to add to your “Woodcarving Family”
  • There is always a BUY, SELL, SWAP, TRADE table for wood, carving items, tools, etc.  You are welcome to bring things you have for this.  Be sure to mark with your name and prices.
  • CAMPERS – Don’t forget a flashlight, your bedding and towels beside your clothes. Definitely pack warm clothing.  Ice cleats or trackers if you have them.  Sidewalks are salted often, but bring them if you have them.
  • CLASSES:  Thursday start when instructors are set up and come.  Rest of the time classes start at 9.   
  • There is still room and time to sign up for any of the classes except for the dulcimer class.  It is full.
  • Visitors are welcome so invite your friends to come check out the retreat.
George Bledsoe, our wood vendor will be there on Saturday and Sunday for your wood purchases. To special order ahead of time, contact George at 712-310-4154 orbledsoeg@hotmail.com.
If you have any questions contact John or I at the following:
John Robbins 308-236-3307              Mary Robbins at 308-627-4435
jrobb3@hotmail.com                         merobbins1942@yahoo.com
Don’t forget to check out our website at: www.gretnawoodcarversretreat.com

Happy 2017 New Year Woodcarvers

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Happy New Year Woodcarvers,
Gretna Woodcarvers Retreat is drawing near, February 9, 10, 11, 12 and breakfast Mon the 13th.  Less than a month to go.  Thank you for all the registrations already received.  We are certainly looking forward to another fun time at Gretna with all of you.  We do have some new people that have registered and are looking forward to meeting them.  We thank all the instructors for agreeing to be available and give you more choices for this retreat. 
The following instructors are available for you to still sign up:
Ken Armsbury               Bark carving
Traci Bates                   Gourds & Pine Needles
Loretta Broberg            Introduction to Incised Carving
Marty Dolphens          — Realistic Western
Roger Nadrachal           Whimsical Snowman
Nancy Ollufsen             Shot Glass Hanger
Steve Reed                     Small figures in a Day
John Robbins                 Build  & play an Applachian dulcimer
Gregg Thompson            Fun & Easy Caricatures
Mary Jo Wolf               Chip carving
There are still openings in all the classes so you can sign up soon by maiing it in or calling John at 308-236-3307 or Mary at 308-627-4435.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Have a safe trip to Gretna.

Gretna Wood Carving Christmas Update

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Hope all you carvers had a blessed Christmas and was able to spend time with your family.  Now get ready for Gretna.  This is the time of the year that we get most of the registrations for the Gretna Woodcarvers Retreat. 
I also wanted to remind you all if you have any information or flyers about your woodcarving clubs, woodcarving shows, or classes etc. we will have a table near the registration for attendees or visitors to see and take one if they want.  Please bring them or mail to us early enough that we can take them. 
For your information Marty Dolphens bark carving class and John’s dulcimer class are both half full. 
Hope to see you in February at Gretna.

Gretna Wood Carvers Retreat 2017 Sign Up forms are here!

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Please click on the Sign Up page and download your enrollment form today! Check out the instructor list and review the Things That You Will Need to make sure your stay is a great experience!

Roger Jacobs has passed away

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Roger Jacobs has passed away

Roger Jacobs of Woodland Park, Colorado has passed away.   Roger has been a carver at Gretna for many years.   He usually took Marty Dolphin’s class.  Their address to send a card to Carol and their family is 1259 Mountain Meadows Drive, Woodland Park, CO  80863-7407.  You could send them a card and be praying for their family.


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Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center – Gretna, NE

Feb. 9th -10th – 11th – 12th – 13th  2017

begins at 9:00 A.M on Thurs the 9th

First meal Thur lunch is at 12:00 pm – Last meal Mon for breakfast


 KEN ARMSBURY – Whimsey  Bark Houses – Every day

TRACI BATES – Gourd Creations    (Thur, Fri, Sat)

LORETTA BROBERG – Intro to Incised Carving – Thur & Fri mornings

MARTY DOLPHENS   Bark Carving Faces   – Every Day

ROGER NADRCHAL  – Snowman – Fri, Sat & Sun

NANCY OLUFFSEN    Animal Shot Glass Hanger Fri aft or Sat

STEVE REED  –   Hill Billy Caricatures (4-6 in) Every Day

GREGG THOMPSEN   The Bear, a Farmer or a GnomeEvery day                                

MARY JO WOLF  – Chip Carving – Every Day

GEORGE BLEDSOE –  Wood Vendor   Saturday & Sunday


Registrations and complete descriptions will be available at the

Mid-American Woodcarvers Association, Inc

42nd Annual Fall Show & Sale

October 7- 9, 2017



See website: www.gretnawoodcarversretreat.com


Call 308-236-3307 or 308-627-4435

Email jrobb3@hotmail.com or merobbins1942@yahoo.com

Put Gretna Retreat in subject line