2017 Gretna Retreat this week!

Feb 06

This retreat will sure be different.  Currently they are forecasting temperatures in the 50’s for Gretna on Fri & Sat. Praising God for this good news.  Shouldn’t be any ice this year in our area.  Whooppee.
Going though some things a couple weeks ago I found a picture of the group of carvers in 2006 at Gretna.  I’m hoping we can get Bryan (our webmaster) to take one for us this year.
For you musicians –  we will have a jam session on Friday night.  Ken Jierle and Bryan Moody bring your guitars.  You can teach us a thing or two also.  Anyone else play guitar or a dulcimer?  Our dulcimer music is all in the Key of D.  You’re smarter than our Prairie Dulcimer Players group are and can convert to our key. We might get to listen to some of you playing some other songs that you want us to hear.  I know Gregg entertained us a lot 2 years ago.  And Charlie Kemp had his uke then.  This year he made a dulcimer in John’s class at Doane Experience in July.  This week he is doing another one, only a 6 stringer this time.
Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!