All classes are payable to the instructor at the Retreat! Classes will be filled according to postmark date on your returned registration form! You will be contacted if your class is filled. We hope that you will have a second choice.

*Ken Armsbury: WHIMSY BARK HOUSES Classes will be 02/08 thru 02/11 Cost will be $25 for all 4 days plus cost of wood OR for daily carvers, $10 a day plus cost of wood. He will teach from 8:30 to 7:30 daily. Max: 12 Any questions contact Ken at 402-651-6850 or email at

*Dale Boyer: DECORATIVE SPOON Classes will be 02/08 thru 02/11 Cost will be $20.00 plus the cost of the blank. We will use a combination of regular knife and gouge plus chip carving. You may have seen me carving them at Silver Dollar City or at Doane. Spoon blanks are $10 Cane blanks are$40 with pattern and $25 without. I will also have canes, drake tools and occ (denny) tools for sale. Contact information: or call 417-881-4322.

*Marty Dolphens: BARK CARVING FACES Classes will be 02/08 thru 02/11 He will show how to structure the face for more realistic pieces. Plenty of patterns will be available to choose from. Classes will be every day and cost is $30 a day, plus the bark of your choice or supply your own. You will need palm tools and a few wider gauges for cleaning off the bark. Finish will be available. Contact Information — or 402-639-3876 for any questions.

*P J Driscoll: BASEBALL PLAYER CARICATURE Classes will be 02/09 thru 02/11 $40.00 Class will be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, if needed. Extra roughouts will be available to buy at class.


*Roger Nadrchal: BUFFALO BUST Classes will be 02/09 thru 02/11 Class will be on Friday and Saturday and if necessary Sunday morning. Cost: $75, including the roughout. Carving will be about 8” tall in butternut, there will be some in basswood as well. There will be plenty time to finish the buffalo on Sunday. Some experience in carving is needed for this piece. Bases will be available for an additional cost. Tools: Basic hand tools, knife, gouges, carving glove, bring a woodburner if you have one, there will be minimal woodburning. Instructor will provide finishing materials. Maximum number of students is 10 with a minimum of 4. Contact: Roger Nadrchal, or 402-750-5591.

*Gregg Thompson: FUN AND EASY CARICATURES AND EAGLE RELIEF PLAQUE Classes will be 02/08 thru 02/11 Gregg will be teaching his students their choice of a basic bear, farmer or a gnome caricature or the plaque every day. These are fun projects for someone to get started in woodcarving with, or an experienced carver to get back to basics. They all come out of the same size block of wood. The only tools a student needs is a good quality knife and a safety glove, that’s what makes this class so fun and easy for beginners. Gregg will have knifes, a few tools and gloves for sale during the retreat. Students can expect to complete one carving and start/finish a second. He will teach in a very relaxed, fun and entertaining style of instruction. Students are encouraged to ask plenty of questions. The price of the class is $45 which includes the first blank. The second blank for a project is $10. Paints and finish will be included. Gregg will also be teaching a low relief eagle plaque. There is a $10 charge for the plaque blank. Students will need a quality knife and a #5 and a #7 gouge. All tools will be available for purchase at the retreat from Gregg.

*Rich Wagner: INCISED CARVING Class will be on 2/9 and 2/10 Class $30.00: All material for the project will be provided (5×7 basswood boards, instructions and many patterns to choose from.) You will need a chip carving knife or a very thin blade carving knife. You can get by with an X-ACTO knife. They will do a good job for this type of carving, but I prefer a chip carving knife. Don’t buy an X-ACTO knife if you don’t have one. I have 6 of them for you to use. Contact Rich at 402-218-7270 or if you have any questions.

*Mary Jo Wolf: CHIP CARVING Classes will be 02/08 thru 02/11 This year’s chip carving class ($35) will include a practice board and a small project. The practice board will also include parts of the pattern for the candle holder (the special project) so you can practice on that before starting the project If you want to do the plate and candle holder project pictured it will be an extra $20.00. You will need a chip carving knife, a thumb guard and if you have a board to put on your lap to carve on. I will have some knives for sale and some additional items to carve on. Let me know at Put Gretna in the subject line.

*George Bledsoe Available 02/10 and 02/11 Wood will be there on Saturday and Sunday for the carvers to purchase. No one ever has all the wood he needs, right? You can place your orders ahead of time and save shipping. Contact George at 712-310-4154 or

*DULCIMER STRUM-A-LONG: 02/09 Pam Aldana and Mary Robbins Be a day carver on FRIDAY and join us having fun playing our dulcimers. Another program is scheduled again this year at the Silveridge Assisted Living in Gretna on Friday afternoon at 2. In the morning we will practice the program and try to answer other questions you may have. Or just have fun playing our dulcimers. The number of carvers having made a dulcimer has grown so we should have fun playing together. We will bring the courting dulcimer again this year and John currently has a cigar box dulcimer too. If anyone wants to we will also play or pick out other songs, etc on Friday evening. If you have a favorite you would like for our program Friday afternoon, please let us know. Keep strumming!!!