Gretna Retreat 2017 Recap

Feb 23

Gretna Retreat 2017 Recap

Great news!  Another year has gone off without a hitch at the Gretna Retreat held at the Gretna 4 H Camp!  A Big “Thank You” goes to John and Mary who have been instrumental in keeping this tradition going, and to everyone who made the show a success.

One highlight of the weekend was the beautiful weather, no snow, no ice, and temperatures did not drop to the teens or lower this year!   With that kind of weather, it reminded me that spring is coming.   This year as with years in the past, we had carvers form several states join us. We had a gathering of woodcarvers of all levels of expertise, for learning, carving, camaraderie and relaxation.  Carvers at all levels of experience can find classes to meet their needs at our Gretna Retreat.

As I worked on my project and visited with friends that I only get to see once a year at Gretna, it came to mind that if you have not been able to attend one of our retreats, you are really missing out on a wonderful weekend.  We even had our very own concerts performed each evening by our class of dulcimer makers this year.  That is right, one of the classed taught this year was how to make a dulcimer, the class even included lessons on how to play!  Another big draw this year was evening domino games.   Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves this weekend, and to top it off, the classes are not expensive.  The food tastes great and there is always plenty of it.  Carvers bring an assortment of snacks for everyone to share, so there is always something for every taste out there (for those of us who need a little something between meals)!  The cabins that are available to stay in, for those traveling a distance or who like us, like to stay where the action is are the typical bunk style cabins.  I must say however, they are very comfortable.  You just need to bring your sleeping bag, towels and your own toiletries.  I took some pictures to show you what goes on at Gretna, hope you enjoy them.

My parting words are, “If you have never been able to make it to the Gretna Retreat, make next year the year!”  It is an awesome time with interesting people and amazing instructors, a perfect “get-a-way” in the middle of winter in Nebraska!